3 Benefits of Sandblasting With Walnut Shells

14 October 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Natural sandblasting media, such as walnut shells, have a range of benefits over other materials. This abrasive is made from walnut shells which are crushed into tiny pieces. What are the advantages of using this sandblasting material?

1. Get a Softer Sandblast

Your choice of sandblasting medium affects the force and depth of blast you get. For example, some harder abrasives, like silicon carbide and steel shot, give you a hard and intensive sandblast. These media can cut through just about anything to clean or strip a surface.

While harder abrasives are effective, they sometimes have downsides. For example, if you want to sandblast a softer material or if you need to maintain a high-quality surface finish, then a harder medium isn't a good solution. It might damage the material itself and/or its surface.

Softer media, like walnut shells, are the answer here. You get a softer sandblast that won't cause any surface or material damage.

2. Get Controlled Cleaning and Removal

Sometimes, you want a sandblasting treatment to completely clean and strip a surface. For example, if you have an old machine that is covered in dried-on oily residues and that is losing its original paintwork, then you might want to strip the surface back to bare metal. You can then repaint it.

However, sometimes you want a more nuanced blast. For example, you might want to remove a stubborn layer of dirt on top of a surface without removing the underlying paint. Or, you might want to remove the topcoat of paint while leaving base coats intact.

You can't control harder sandblasting media at this kind of micro-level. However, you do get better control with options like walnut shells. You can choose how much of the surface the abrasive effects. You can go soft for a basic blast or hard for a more intensive one.

3. Use a More Environmentally-Friendly Medium

Some sandblasting abrasives don't have great environmental credentials. For example, you might have to manage the disposal of abrasives that contain heavy metals at the end of a job to make sure that they don't get into water or sewage systems.

Walnut shells are a natural solution. They don't have any environmental downsides. You use a safe and sustainable product. You can also reuse the shells a few times before you need to dispose of them. Disposal itself is easy — the shells don't cause any environmental harm.

For more information on walnut shell abrasives, contact sandblasting professionals.