3 Situations When Deconstruction Would Be An Ideal Home Demolition Method

4 April 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Some people think the demolition services are only needed when an entire structure, such as a home needs to be torn down. This is not always true because demolition can be done to a section of a building. This article discusses some situations when deconstruction would be an ideal way to demolish a section of your home. Deconstruction refers to a demolition method in which crews remove components of a structure, such as windows and doors carefully so that reusable materials can be salvaged.

After Fire Damage 

Some residential fires do not cause so much damage that the entire home has to be rebuilt from the ground up. However, fire is very good at spreading a variety of pollutants, such as soot to parts of the house where there was no fire. Such pollutants can become embedded inside paint layers or beneath wallpaper causing a lingering odor in your home. Deconstruction can be used to remove the affected sections of the home, such as the paint and loose render so that you can repair the home and make it hygienic once more.

After Water Damage

Deconstruction can also be very helpful if your home suffered some water damage during a flood. Water can penetrate the walls of your home and pose a risk of electrical short circuits if wires had damaged insulators. Water can also create conditions that are favourable for the growth of mould inside affected walls. Deconstruction can be used to expose all the damaged sections of walls so that remedial action can be taken, such as drying them with an industrial blower before applying a new layer of cement render.

Prior to Constructing an Extension

You can also take advantage of deconstruction if you would like to remodel your home by adding an extension, such as an attached garage. The demolition crews have sufficient skills and tools to modify a wall (cutting out space for a door, for example) without compromising the structural integrity of the rest of the wall. This work can be done in a much shorter time than you would need to do it yourself because the demolition professionals use professional tools that are much faster than the improvised DIY tools. The salvaged materials, such as bricks can reduce the volume of materials that you need to buy for the garage extension.

Contact a demolition company near you in case any of the situations described above applies to your home. Those professionals may pay you a visit or interview you on phone before advising you about how deconstruction can be useful during the process of demolishing the affected part of your home.