Why Rapid Roll Doors Are Good for the Food Processing Industry

11 July 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Rapid roll doors are increasing in popularity in the food processing industry for several reasons. This article discusses why you should install these doors if you own a food processing industry.

Energy Efficiency

High-speed rapid roll doors open or close at a very high speed, such as moving at more than two metres per second. Such high speeds limit how much the conditioned air within your processing facility escapes out of the building. Consequently, your heating and cooling costs may remain affordable since there will be fewer draughts of air altering the temperature within the facility as the doors are opened or closed.

Lower Levels of Contamination

Food processing facilities require the maintenance of the highest level of hygiene so that the food is fit for consumption. However, doors that open or close slowly make it hard to prevent contaminants carried by air, such as mould spores, from getting into the processing plant. Rapid roll doors make it easier to keep such contaminants at bay. This is because the high rate at which the doors open and close leaves very little room for outside air to get into the food processing plant. Consequently, you are likely to incur lower costs to maintain sanitary conditions within the facility since the intervals at which thorough cleaning is done will be longer.


Rapid roll doors are designed to be fully automatic as they operate. These doors may rely on motion sensors to open quickly when the sensors detect someone or a load coming towards the door. This eliminates the need for employees to touch door handles or wait as someone holds the door open for them. Furthermore, the rapid roll doors operate noiselessly. This quiet operation enables employees to communicate with each other effectively without having to raise their voices in order to be heard above the noise made by a closing or opening door. The rapid opening and closing of these doors ensures that employees will not be affected by noise from external sources, such as a storm. All these attributes help to make the working environment conducive for workers.

Rapid roll doors differ in terms of their duty cycles, maintenance requirements and speed of operation. You should therefore determine what your needs are before you specify the features that the doors to your food processing plant should have. Involve a high-speed rapid roll door professional in this decision making process so that you stand a high chance of selecting the best rapid roll doors that will enable you to enjoy all the benefits above.