5 Attributes of the Best Mailing Tubes for Packaging Artwork

12 April 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Artists who would like to transport their artwork safely need to think carefully about the materials in which they package those products. This article discusses the key attributes that you should look for when selecting mailing tubes in which to ship artwork.

Double Layered Construction

Find out what the core of a given mailing tube is before you buy it for packaging your artwork. The best mailing tubes are made from strong materials, such as plastic or cardboard. The core should be double layered in case the mailing tube is made from cardboard. Such a construction will ensure that the mailing tube stays strong enough to resist any force which may try to make it bend or crumble during transit and handling.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet radiation can quickly damage your artwork if you don't package the artwork in a mailing tube which is resistant to UV radiation. This is particularly important if you opt for plastic mailing tubes. Confirm that they are UV-treated before you place your precious artwork inside those tubes.

Metal Ends

It is also wise for you to select mailing tubes which have metal discs on their ends. Those metal discs serve several crucial functions. For instance, they protect the ends of the tubes from crumbling under pressure. The metal ends also keep unwanted contaminants, such as dust, from getting into the mailing tube. Avoid buying mailing tubes with ends caps made from weaker materials because those end caps may fail when they are needed the most.

Moisture Resistance

Pay attention to the features of the different mailing tubes on the market, and select the ones which have moisture barriers. For example, some mailing tubes have a water-resistant film placed on them in order to provide superior moisture resistance to the material. Your artwork will be safer if it is packaged in mailing tubes with the highest level of protection against moisture ingress.

Shoulder Straps

Find mailing tubes which have shoulder straps. The adjustable straps are the best. Such a feature will ease the process of handling the mailing tubes in which your delicate artwork was packaged. The straps will be especially helpful if you intend to reuse the mailing tubes to store other pieces of artwork, even when you don't have to transport them over long distances.

Take your time when you are shopping for mailing tubes. You will see the different designs and features which can make it even easier and safer for you to package your artwork for storage or shipping.