Ways Wooden Pallets Can Streamline the Shipping of Your Freight

1 May 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Without a doubt, wooden pallets remain a ubiquitous packaging material in the manufacturing and processing industries as they provide a cost-efficient and readily available solution irrespective of what goods you specialise in producing. Nonetheless, some people may assume that these materials are only beneficial when it comes to storage applications. If you are looking to transport cargo, you will find that these wooden pallets can be highly helpful to you too, whether you manufacture the freight or not. If you are looking to ship your cargo, consider the following ways that wooden pallets can streamline this process for you.

Wooden pallets provide a reliable packing solution for your shipment

Carton boxes may provide you with a cheap solution for your packing needs. However, the main drawback to contend with is that these cardboard boxes do have weight restrictions. If your products are heavy, it will be inadvisable to utilise cartons as they have a low load capacity and this could pose the risk of irreparable damage to your goods. Wooden pallets, on the other hand, are incredibly resilient. No matter what type of freight you plan to transport, you can be assured that the wood pallets will be capable of withstanding their load capacities.

Wooden pallets are versatile enough for multiple applications

Considering the myriad of goods that can be shipped as cargo, it can be daunting sifting through the entire variety of packing solutions to select what best suits your product range. Moreover, if you specialise in different types of goods such as food items, plastic ware and so on, you end up having to select different kinds of shipping solutions to suit the immediate needs of the freight that you are transporting. Wooden pallets can be of extreme convenience for you as these structures can be utilised for multiple applications. For example, if you need packaging the will provide ventilation for your food cargo, open wooden pallets will be adequate for this application. Conversely, if you need sturdy packing for the transportation of bulky goods, framed pallets can help secure your products.

Wooden pallets facilitate easier loading and offloading of your goods

The thing about cardboard boxes is that they are not endowed with great vertical load capacity. Hence, heavy products packed in cartons are not recommended to be stacked, which means the loading and unloading have to be done one box at a time. Since wooden pallets have a high vertical load capacity, they are easily stackable and can be loaded and offloaded in these same stacks by use of a pallet jack.