3 Ways to Transition Your Team To Turnkey Management

14 October 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Using turnkey project management means that every aspect of building and creating your business is taken care of. From the concept stage to the final stages of operation, the turnkey management team takes care of it all. Though this does make sure that everything is ready to go on day one, there is one aspect that many business owners look over. This often-overlooked aspect is the transition from the turnkey management team to yours. Here are three ways to transition from the turnkey team to your management team easily.

1. Periodic Updates

Periodic update meetings held by the turnkey management team with your own management team should be scheduled. These updates can be done once a week or once a month depending on the scope of the overall turnkey project plan. The meetings and updates don't have to be time-consuming either. You can simply have the turnkey team send out an email to your team as an update, or they can do a small video updating your team on changes that are being made. This can be beneficial if new programing or new innovations are being put in place that will require training or time to get used to.

2. Technology Training Seminars

If you are having new software or technology put in place, your management team will need training on that new technology. This training should be as detailed as possible so that your team can train the people working under them after the transition is complete. The training can be one weekend or one week depending on the depth of the technology upgrade. In most cases, a simply in-house day-long seminar is enough to update and train your workforce in how the new technology will work. For example, you may be putting in new smartphone synced technology and apps. Your management team can sit through a step by step seminar to understand how it works and ask questions they have before opening day.

3. In-House Transitioning

One of the most important steps you can take to transitioning from the turnkey project management team to your own is an in-house transitioning. This should take about a week and will allow your staff to have hands on experience in the new technology and formatting before the building is fully functional. This gives them hands-on experience, training and allows them to ask questions about issues that happen in real time.

These are only three of the techniques you can use to make the transition from the turnkey project management team to your own management team. If you are ready to get your team started on the transition, consider a consultation with the management team lead on the turnkey project. This will help you lay out a plan to make the transition as seamless as possible.