Follow These Three Guidelines to Pick Your Perfect Ute Tray

6 November 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

In the past, utes were a common and popular means of transport, especially in the construction business. However, the changing models of the vehicles have brought about repurposing, so utes are used for the regular transportation during the week and also as a family hauler over the weekend. This dual-purpose function means that choosing the ideal ute tray has become a little more complicated than just picking the one which has the best towing capacity or which is made of strongest material. Here are some pointers that can help you get the perfect tray for your ute.

Look at the size of your ute

The first and most important consideration that you need to make when deciding on the type of ute tray to buy is the dimensions of your ute. The size that you pick will depend on the purpose. If you need a ute to store and transport different types of tools, consider the amount of internal space it will offer against your storage needs. 

The weight

The weight of the tray matters because it will have an impact on the final weight of the vehicle when you have loaded the tools onto the ute. Carrying heavy loads means that you have to spend more when refuelling your vehicle. If you want to save money by lowering the weight of the ute, you need to think about materials that are lightweight, like aluminium. They will not add an excessive amount of weight to the total amount of load which you will be hauling with your vehicle. 

The seals and locks

The safety of the goods being transported on a ute depends on how well the tray is sealed and secured. You, therefore, need to inspect the ute trays that you buy and make sure that you pick one that has tight and secure locks. Additionally, you need to check whether the material of the tray has been finished in a manner that makes it rust-proof. 

These are the basic pointers that can help you get the perfect ute tray. In addition to these basics, you also have to ensure that the tray has a warranty. The length of the warranty on the tray indicates how much the supplier trusts in its quality. When you take time in choosing the tray, you will manage to get the perfect fit for your needs and also ensure that you get maximum service from the tray.