Is Painting Your Factory Roof a DIY Job?

6 November 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

As they get older, roofs can maintain their integrity but start to look a little worse for wear. There may be nothing wrong with the surface, but your roof can start to look faded, worn and a bit ugly. This doesn't make your factory, or your company, look good.

It's hard to justify the costs of replacing a perfectly good roof just because it looks bad, so you may have decided to paint it instead. A coat of roof paint can work wonders.

Is this a job you can hand over to your maintenance crew or do you need a roofing company?

Is Your Team Good With Heights?

If your maintenance guys aren't good with heights, then roof painting isn't for them. Even if they get up on the roof, they have an increased risk of an accident if being high up makes them feel wobbly. If anyone starts to feel anxious on the roof, they're more likely to slip, fall or even get stuck up there.

Plus, if your guys aren't that confident working at height, then they can't do such a good job. If they constantly worry about keeping their footing, your team can't focus on getting the paint on evenly.

What Kind of Roof Are You Painting?

If you have employees who don't have a fear of heights, then painting your own roof is more feasible. For example, if you have a flat roof, then your crew just needs to get up there. They can walk around while they're working.

However, sloped roofs are more of a problem. Even if someone is OK with heights, walking on a slope up high takes some skill. It's easy for someone to slip or lose their balance when they're juggling staying upright and painting.

Can They Do the Job?

Your maintenance crew may tell you that painting the roof will be a breeze. After all, they've painted just about everything else on your site. However, roof painting needs extra skills.

Your crew needs to clean the roof off, check it for damage and make any necessary repairs before they even start painting. If nobody has roofing experience, then they may not be able to do all this.

For example, say that your guys clean the roof and find that some of its tiles need fixing. Do they know how to do this? Also, if they're not experienced roofers, they may not notice signs of damage but just paint over them. This won't fix the problem, which could get worse.

Given that roof painting is a potentially dangerous and complex job that requires specific skills, you'll see better results if you hire a roofing company to do the job. This way your employees stay safe and your roof will look as good as new.