Three Important Tips for Preparing Your Wheels for Powder Coating

14 March 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you are looking to improve the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, consider powder coating your wheels. This finishing process involves the application of coloured powder to the surfaces. This material is usually a polymeric substance, and it is delivered electrostatically and cured in high-temperature conditions. The thermal bonding ensures the strong adhesion of the fresh coating to the wheels. Therefore, a powder coat is highly resistant to scratching, chipping and peeling. However, keep in mind that the performance of the layer will depend on the quality of the application. You can guarantee good results by choosing an expert in auto powder coating for the project.

If you would like to handle the work or reduce costs, use the below-outlined tips to prepare your wheels for the powder coating.

Consider Blasting

You should plan for media blasting for your wheels before powder coating. In general, the adhesion of the polymeric powder will be poor if the surfaces are coated in old layers of paint and polish. Rust can also affect the quality and durability of the new coating. Therefore, plan for sandblasting to eliminate these potential problems. Some vehicle owners are often concerned about the decline of surface quality after blasting. However, powder coating will fill and coat the metal wheels completely, ensuring that the surface is consistent in appearance.

Wash the Surfaces

Proper cleaning after abrasive blasting is essential for eliminating residues on the surfaces. Abrasive media blasting will not remove grease and grime. Therefore, you must wash your wheels to ensure complete cleanliness before powder coating. The best cleaning products for wheels are solvents or detergents designed for use on auto surfaces. These products will strip the oily residues without causing damage to the underlying material. Inquire about the best option in the local market from your auto specialist. Also, wipe your wheels with a suitable wax remover for ideal results.

Choose Your Colour

Consider the colour options available for powder coating your wheels. The right hue will enhance the appeal of your vehicle and give it a custom look. Therefore, discuss the accessible colours with your powder coating expert and compare them. If you are looking for a simple look, you can opt for basic colours like silver, red, black, gold or white. Also, inquire about speciality shades with unique effects. These hues might cost more, so discuss the price factor with your dealer if you are interested in these colours. Additionally, consider the possibility of using multiple colours to powder coat your wheels. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for powder coating for wheels.